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Business Growth and Performance

Business Growth and Performance

If you are interested in maximising your profit margins and improving business performance, we can help. We specialise in assisting your business identify operation and resource use inefficiencies that impact on profitability and provide a report...

Startup Support

Startup Support

Interested in starting a business or you have just started. There are a number of things you should consider to ensure your dream is realised.

Strategic Planning and Risk Management

Strategic Planning and Risk Management

A critical part of your business success is identifying growth potential and market risks. Coast to Country Solutions can assist your business achieve your growth and performance potential.

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John regularly runs short business development webinars

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We discuss thinks like "How does a SME manage cash in a crisis"? "How do we analysis our financial performance"? "What do we do to improve efficiency"?

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If you are interested in maximising your profit margins and improving business performance, we can help.

We offer two business growth and development intensive 4 day workshop alternatives. We can workshop with your business in a one on one basis where you chose the time and place, or you can attend a group session run over 4 consecutive days at a central location.

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How it works

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The issue of inflation and impact on business

We are hearing a number of comments on the growth of inflation. Ever since the pandemic has hit and supply chains have been significantly impacted, and government pump priming the economy, I have believed that inflation was inevitable.

Benchmarking and diagnostics service

Launch business benchmarking and diagnostic service

Coast to Country are pleases to announce that we have started to offer a financial benchmark and business diagnostic service. The service will go live tomorrow Friday 8 April.  

Christmas break is a great time to work ON the business

If you are in an industry sector that has a bit of a shutdown over the Christmas break, have you given any thought to how your business is performing, are you cheaper or better than your competitors, do you want to improve or grow the business?