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Restructuring Expert for Your Company

We empower your business by assisting develop performance enhancing productivity, customer value and profitability.

We help clients generate revenue, reduce fixed and variable costs, and improve gross margin. Our approach to helping clients reach their full potential is guided by the company's priorities. If a speedy return on investment is important, we focus on cost opportunities. We focus on sustainable revenue opportunities for medium- to long-term goals.
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We measure success on the financial results.

We provide business analysis and management consultancy services to small to medium sized businesses.

Evaluations for Raising Profits

We use a multi-tiered strategy, starting with financial health check, and a business diagnostic assessment to discover performance factors and then analyse this data to identify value drivers. The outcome is to identify the organization’s strengths and identify the most important areas for improvement and set opportunities and goals to realise its full profit maximising potential.

Acquisition Enhancement

The goal is to lower the client’s overall costs by improving the management and negotiation of key inputs with suppliers. Coast to Country Solutions collaborates with businesses to improve their procurement processes through novel approaches.

Success in a Particular Market Niche

The demand on businesses to recruit and keep customers has made it more important than ever to focus on cultivating long-term relationships with their most valuable customers. With the help of Coast to Country Solutions, businesses can develop and implement effective consumer segmentation strategies.

Our Philosophy

Our team works together to achieve our shared objectives.

We believe in supporting small to medium businesses. Governments and business support agencies provide a range of data analytics and productivity services to small and medium businesses. However, the complexity and cost to identify and engage the right private sector services can be difficult for small business owners, and the outcome delivered might not meet your business requirements.

Our belief is that these businesses are the lifeblood of communities.  Having worked assisting businesses recover from economic disasters and seeing first-hand the impact business failure has on families and communities, supporting these businesses is the corner stone of our philosophy. With this focus, we bring our experience in business and practical analytical skills from John’s three tertiary qualifications and 30 years small business experience to improve small and medium sized businesses financial outcomes.

Our focus is on providing practical cost-effective business analysis with a focus on productivity improvement, growth and profit maximisation strategies.

Our role is to assist owners and managers to understand the relevant techniques used to analyse their business, how they are applied, what are the objectives of these techniques and then transfer these skills to the business owners. We are not there to create a job for our analysts, but to maximise your business profits. However, we are interested in becoming a partner in your success by providing an ongoing annual review to assist in ongoing performance analysis and implementation strategies. This is good management practice, and it was a technique John used extensively in his small businesses. The strategy is to question the current operation activities and measure productivity and financial performance progress.

We have been informed that our services are too cheap. However, our target clients are not multi-millionaires, but small family businesses that are not able to have dedicated management roles within the business and can ill afford some of the consultancy fees charged in the current environment. We are able to keep costs to a minimum by keeping our overheads low, ensuring that those costs associated with high overheads such as expensive accommodation and labour cost not directly associated with service delivery are kept to a minimum. This results in significantly lower costs of operations and these lower costs are passed onto clients through reduced charges. The quality of service is comparable to larger businesses and in most cases is superior due to our customer-focused delivery.


Improved Profit & Productivity, Cost Reduction & Improved Customer Service

We offer two business growth and development intensive 4 day workshop alternatives. We can workshop with your business in a one on one basis where you chose the time and place, or you can attend a group session run over 4 consecutive days at a central location.

We help companies improve their productivity, performance and increase profits. We use our expertise and experience to analyse a company’s operations, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies to achieve growth. One of our key roles as business consultants is to help companies improve productivity and  increase their revenue. This can be done by identifying how a business operates, and analyse productivity and performance constraints, identify new market opportunities, developing new products or services, or finding ways to increase sales to existing customers. We may also work with your company to improve its pricing strategy, or to negotiate better deals with suppliers.

Our business consulting service also plays a significant part in assisting clients in cutting expenses. This may be accomplished by the use of new technology, enhanced supply chain management, or the identification and elimination of operational inefficiencies. We also assist businesses to save costs by suggesting new methods of operation or suggesting new suppliers. Our services as a business consultant extend beyond the aforementioned areas, however, and include assisting both established businesses and fledgeling enterprises in enhancing their management and organisational frameworks. Some examples of this kind of investment include training and development programmes, initiatives to boost internal communications and collaboration, and the introduction of innovative procedures.

In sum, we provide professional counsel and direction to businesses in their pursuit of success. Together, we can help your organisation see its operations in a new light and identify opportunities for increased profitability.

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