Planning for profitability

For a comprehensive analysis and report including:
• Competition benchmarking
• Financial analysis for your industry
• A range of strategies for improvement
• Additional information on relevant economic and market conditions

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Engagement with C to C Solutions can empower your business through enhanced productivity and performance outcomes.

Uncertain economic times and market volatility can put stress on every business, but with in-depth analysis and strategic planning, your business can improve its market share, productivity, profits and increase resilience.

C to C solutions can offer you:

Gain access to industry experts, strategy planning and risk management, startup support and consulting services.
Maximise your profit margins by boosting business performance and productivity.
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Hear how John can help you.

Hear how John
can help you.

Our senior Strategist and Analyst John has over 25 years of running commercial agriculture in rural Queensland along with a Masters of Economic Studies (Public policy and financial analysis), John has worked with State and Local governments to implement a range of funding programs and stakeholders on how to best implement changes to bring the best results to local business.


John has developed a business program to improve SEQ businesses improves national and international competitiveness through assisting a business in identifying gaps in a business’s management capability and capacity, and to understand and implement tools and actions to address these gaps and improve productivity.


Some of the business that John has helped have seen;

• Increase turnover by up to 200%
• Cut costs by up to 50%
• Reduced risk, and
• Improved decision-making and advancing business opportunities

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A strategic consulting firm focused on results

Is your business running at maximum efficiency? We’re experts at finding operational weak spots that may be eating away at your profits. Our strategic business support and financial benchmarking services ensure we understand your business, your strengths and weaknesses, competitors and industry data, supply chains and future industry sector direction.

An extension of your business

We can empower your small to medium business by assisting in developing performance, enhancing productivity and increasing customer value and profitability. Through diagnostic and gap analysis, financial benchmarking and strategy implementation, we will help you achieve your vision.